Prolotherapy for pelvic and lower spine instability

Doctors in Turkey have released new research in which they investigated the relation between the structures of the low back, sacrum, and pelvis and how degenerating facet joints influenced lower spine instability.

Osteoarthritis of the facet joints is one of the most common degenerative changes in the spine. It is considered to be formed secondary to repetitive stress or trauma and spinal deformity with secondary overload. The cause(s) of facet joints osteoarthritis, however, have not been clearly identified. The researchers looked at CT images of women who were between the ages of 30-35 years old. They looked at their pelvic alignment (pelvic incidence), and curvature at various parts of the spine. What they found was the curvature of the spine had a much higher angle at the L1-L5 and sacrum region. While at the L5 itself and the sacral slate the angle was much lower. 1


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