Non-surgical treatment for chronic back pain

RejuvaSpine is a procedure for treating chronic back pain of musculoskeletal origin. It is based on the principles of prolotherapy, a technique which has been around for more than half a century. Prolotherapy strengthens the ligaments and tendons of the back , tightening up the joints and reducing or eliminating the pain of joint looseness and disk slippage.

     Everybody sustains injuries, both major and minor, as they go through life. Frequently these injuries involve the joints, tendons and ligaments. Mostly these traumas heal without complications. But sometimes they heal only 80 or 90 percent - enough so that we can function pretty normally, but not enough to keep a joint tightly in place. Chronically loose joints cause local inflammation, which in turn eventually leads to chronic pain and deterioration of the joint.

     Your back is full of joints. Every spinal vertebra has six of them. Not to mention the dozens of muscles, tendons and ligaments which hold the joints in place and constantly adjust them with every movement. It's no wonder so many people have problems with this delicate and complicated apparatus!

     Prolotherapy uses the body's own natural healing processes to restore joints to their full strength and resilience. In the RejuvaSpine procedure we inject small amounts of sugar solution, platelet-rich plasma, stem cells, or some combination of the three through a very small needle into the area of the affected joints in your back. This is not a “spinal” injection, and goes nowhere near your spinal cord. The injections stimulate your own stem cells to migrate to the area and induces them to start replicating and producing new healthy tissue. This is not scar tissue, as was thought in the past, but new, normal tendon and ligament tissue, which is stronger. Your strengthened tendons and ligaments will now be better able to hold the joints securely in place, resulting in a reduction or elimination of local inflammation and hence, of the pain.

     RejuvaSpine is not for everyone. It will not help back pain of internal origin and its efficacy in back pain of nervous origin is controversial.

     The RejuvaSpine procedure takes about 30-60 minutes to perform and you can go back to your daily activities immediately afterwards with no downtime.

    Click here to schedule an initial consultation (the cost is only $149) regarding the RejuvaSpine procedure.

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