PRP Breastlift

Enhance breast contours and sensation

The Vampire Breastlift® is a procedure for restoring the appearance of breast cleavage and the contour and sensation of the nipples. It is not a breast augmentation procedure, in which implants or tissue grafts are added to the breast, but more a method of improving the shape of existing breast tissue to make it more attractive.

As we age we tend, unfortunately, to lose fat in the places we want it and gain it in the places we don't. All women's breasts, and particularly those with implants, lose some fat in their upper, inner aspects over time and begin to look pendulous. Sometimes nipples become inverted or droopy and there may be some loss of sensation in the nipples.

This procedure uses a combination of platelet-rich plasma (PRP, from your own blood) and hyaluronic acid (HA, a natural substance found in your subcutaneous and connective tissue) to replace the lost volume in particular parts of the breast in order to restore symmetry and beauty. The HA provides a scaffolding upon which the body can build new tissue. The PRP gives off growth factors which attract stem cells and instruct them to produce new fat , connective tissue, and blood vessels in the area. The result is the growth of new, natural breast tissue in just the right amounts to create an attractive shape.

In addition, injections of PRP in the appropriate places may, in patients who have loss of sensation in their nipples as a result of nursing, implants or for other reasons, stimulate the regrowth of nerves into the nipples and restore sensation.

The Vampire Breastlift® procedure is done by anesthetizing the breasts and then injecting the PRP and HA carefully at appropriate places through very fine needles. It takes about 45 minutes to perform and you can go back to your daily activities immediately afterwards with no downtime.

Drs. Harrison and Andrew have been trained by Dr. Charles Runels, the originator, in the technique of the Vampire Breastlift®. However, since then they have updated the technique with newer technology and we call our procedure the PRP Breastlift.

Our doctors will be happy to perform an initial consultation. If they determine that you are not a candidate for the PRP Breastlift they will be pleased to offer an alternative treatment or refer you to a competent specialist who can handle your needs.

Click here to schedule an initial consultation in our Port Angeles, Washington office (the cost is only $149) regarding a PRP Breastlift.

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