About our practice

Rejuvacare was established in 2014 to bring the benefits of regenerative medicine to the people of the Olympic Peninsula.

Our office is located in downtown Port Angeles, Washington, on Oak Street between Front and First streets - a couple blocks from the ferry terminal.

Our office is a modern and comfortable facility, with a doctor team who will take time to listen to your health needs, and provide you with personalized, high quality medical care. We simply believe these are the right things to do because this is how we would treat our own friends and family.

  • Advanced Healthcare

    Rejuvacare specializes in regenerative medicine. We emphasize the use of restorative treatments that harness the body's own immune system to heal rather than depending on drugs, surgery or radiation.

  • Doctor excellency

    Doctors Harrison and Andrew did their specialty training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore - one of the top medical centers in the world. They went on to get further training in regenerative medicine, prolotherapy, ultrasonography, endocrinology and stem cell therapy. Dr. Andrew is board-certified in both Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine while Dr. Harrison is board-certified in both Anti-aging/Regenerative Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

  • Top-notch medical equipment

    The Rejuvacare office is equipped with the latest in ultrasound, laser and laboratory equipment.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a new medical discipline. Traditionally medicine has relied on the use of drugs that inhibit, modify or otherwise interfere with the body's physiology or on surgery which removes offending or diseased parts of the body. Before medicine, however, the human body had developed its own methods of taking care of disease and injury.

Regenerative medicine is the use of techniques which exploit the body's innate healing systems to cure disease and injury. The discovery and development of stem cells in the last decade has allowed us to better understand the body's immune system and healing processes. This has led to new therapies that build on the natural system evolved over millenia. These are the techniques of regenerative medicine.

Our Leadership

Theodore E. Harrison

MD - Washington University, St. Louis

MBA - The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Diplomate - American Board of Emergency Medicine

Diplomate - American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine

BA -  Washington University, St. Louis

Louise B. Andrew

MD - Duke University

JD - University of Maryland

Diplomate - American Board of Emergency Medicine

Diplomate - American Board of Internal Medicine

BA - Duke University

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For the study, published in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation, the researchers took women aged between 27-44 and found that women with the highest level of light physical activity were at a 25 per cent lower risk incidence of coronary heart disease.

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